Quality Repair Services

We provide hot tub repair across the Treasure Valley and most of Southwest Idaho.

Customer Satisfaction

As a family owned business we understand the importance of treating others with kindness and respect. We strive to communicate clearly to help you feel at ease.

Quality Parts

We purchase orginal factory parts if possible. If it's not possible to do so, we purchase quality aftermarket components.

Professional Installation

We put the quality of installation first to make sure that you're spa is running at peak performance and that you can get the most enjoyment out of it possible.


Why isn't my tub heating?

You may have a bad heating element, or you're not getting water circulation across the element.

Why aren't my jets working?

You may have an airlock or a bad pump, all easily fixed.

What if my tub is leaking?

This can be caused by a bad gasket, cracking from freeze damage, or a leaking pump.

What if my tub says "Flo"?

This could be a simple dirty filter, but could also indicate bad sensors or a circulation pump that is failing.

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